LED Wall Lights

LED Wall lights is divided into Indoor Wall Sconces,Indoor Wall Lights and Outdoor Wall Sconces,Outdoor Wall Lights.
Indoor Wall Sconces,Indoor Wall Lights,installation is to achieve functional lighting fixtures on the wall, used as auxiliary lighting and decorative purposes, is mounted on the bed, lobbies, corridors, etc. on walls or pillars. Light and elegant harmony, the environmental embellishment elegant, rich and beautiful, especially in the bedroom is particularly suitable. Wall lamp types and styles more generally, there is a common color wall lamp, bedside lamp, wall lamp and so on before the mirror. Modern home lighting, LED wall lamp used more widely, the traditional use of halogen wall lamp, the presence of low luminous efficiency, more power, increased by exposure to ambient temperature and the short life of the defects. LED in the light principle, energy saving, environmental protection levels are much better than traditional lighting products, LED light and one-way also formed a wall lamp light distribution perfect support. Wall is the interior lighting, most people equipped with milky glass or acrylic shade. LED wall lamp generally comprises an LED light source, lamp, external frame, light diffusion plate, aluminum plate, LED constant current drive power components and aluminum housing. In order to enhance the decorative effect, the existing LED wall lamp having the structure of all types and colors. Wall mounting height of its light bulbs from the ground not less than 1.8m prevail. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the Wall functional requirements moving in multiple directions. LED Wall as part of a multi-source, but also as a furniture and an important decorative element with each other, but the emphasis is on energy saving, environmental protection, efficiency, styling, color quality, structure and personalization. Currently, the market has a different kind of LED wall lamp, structure variety of forms, colors become more colorful, fresh, light material increasingly clear, modeling also demonstrates amazing creativity. Commonly used are headed magnolia wall lamp, double-headed olive wall lamp, double-headed drum-shaped lamp, wall lamp Yuzhu, headed lace cup wall lamp, wall lamp and so on before the mirror.
Outdoor Wall Sconces,Outdoor Wall Lights is mounted on a wall lamps achieve illumination function, but also has a good decorative effect, LED wall lamp as a light source because of its energy-saving and environmental protection has gradually replaced the traditional wall lamp light source. Outdoor use LED wall lamp is primarily residential housing mounted on a wall corner, to replace street lights at night when the lighting for pedestrians, Wall has also been widely applied to various places, such as: the city wall lighting in public places, buildings lighting and indoor lighting and entertainment, the traditional wall lamp with its high power, short-lived, single color changes and other shortcomings limit its wider application. LED lights as a synonym for new energy products more and more accepted by people, because of its energy saving, high brightness characteristics has been gradually replacing the traditional incandescent and halogen lighting products become mainstream industries. Outdoor LED wall lamp consists of a base, support tube, lamps and lampshades composition, the base fixed to the wall, one end of the support tube is fixed on the base, and the other end connected to the lamp holder, lamp holder also has a lampshade, lamp seat is generally LED bulb or light emitting electromagnetism lighting assembly. Generally die-cast aluminum structure and general internal aluminum heat sink is attached to the die-cast aluminum. Light body and LED lighting assembly is connected with the water supply through a wire. Outdoor LED Wall structural waterproof, heat faster, smaller form factor size, easy to install, and some products also integrate a solar charging system.
Wall lamp types and styles more generally, the common ceiling lamps, color wall lamp, bedside lamp, wall lamp and so on before the mirror. Ceiling installed in more than balconies, staircases, corridors, hallways and bedrooms, suitable for long light; color wall lamp used for the festival, when the celebration of the adoption; mostly bedside wall lamp mounted in the bed of the upper left, the lamp can be universal rotation, the beam focus, easy to read; before the mirror decorative wall lamp more nearby mirror in the restroom.