LED Street Lights

LED sreet light is also called LED Roadway Lighting,included led-street-light-modules,Intelligent street lighting and Solar street lights.
Road lighting is an important component of urban lighting, traditional street lights often used, HPS 360-degree light, light loss big disadvantage caused a huge waste of energy. Currently, the global environment is deteriorating, all countries in the development of clean energy. With the rapid growth of the national economy, China’s energy supply and demand have become increasingly prominent, there is a serious power supply began to shortages, energy conservation is the urgent problem. Therefore, the development of new high efficiency, long life, high color rendering index, environmentally friendly LED lights have great significance for urban energy-saving lighting.
Solar LED street light lighting in the city of optimizing the energy structure, promote energy conservation and environmental protection, improve the ecological environment and socio-economic development has a very important significance. Solar LED street light mainly consists of PV modules, bracket, LED light source, LED drivers, controllers, batteries, the poles of several parts. Now many LED lights manufacturer solar and wind power and other new clean energy technologies and LED lamp technology combined with the introduction of new wind and solar LED lights and other lights, but also highlight its energy-saving, environmentally friendly features.
In the overall design of high-power LED lights, the fast and efficient heat dissipation LED lights to focus on solving the problem, because the light fades and life and work of high and low temperature LED light sources have a decisive relationship. Currently LED lights used mainly natural convection cooling, install a fan forced cooling, heat pipes and loop heat pipe cooling and other means. Heat pipe technology is widely used in CPU cooling, high efficiency, but to be equipped with heat pipes and sports media, but also to do with the lamp structure bending, compression processing, fabrication and installation of complex, more suitable for use in integrated LED module light source. LED lights heat process or by the main radiator and air convection heat transfer, under the influence of outside wind exclude mainly by natural convection. Rely on natural convection and cold air naturally rises after contact with the heat sink is heated radiators, cold air next to continue coming up, so constantly circulating through the heat away. LED lights natural cooling is more common cooling method, with the production of simple, reliable, low cost, but less efficient. How to improve the cooling efficiency is the key to the use of natural cooling mode. First, we have a good thermal interface material and sufficient heat dissipation area and heat storage capacity.
LED street lamp power supply system is also different from traditional light sources, the LED constant current drive power special needs, is to ensure the normal work of the foundation. LED lights are mainly used for outdoor environment, for many years to withstand wind and rain, thunder and lightning in the harsh environment, the outside temperature can reach the highest 50 ℃, and it is possible to achieve the lowest -40 ℃. LED light source is a semiconductor light source, emitting its own characteristics determine the failure rate is very low, part of the connection failure rate is quite low, the LED drive power quality directly determines the entire life of the street, which is the core LED street light industry part.
Road lighting and people’s production and life are closely related, with the acceleration of urbanization process in China, LED lights with directional light, low power consumption, good driving characteristics, fast response, high seismic capacity, long life, environmental protection and other advantages of gradually go into people’s vision, a new generation of the world’s most energy-saving light source to replace the traditional advantages, therefore, LED lights road lighting energy saving will become the best choice.