LED High Bay Lights

LED High Bay Light (English: LED High Bay Lights) is a white light with bright LED as a light source, the use of passive cooling structure thermally efficient, suitable for workshop, factory, warehouse, highway toll stations, gas stations, supermarkets, exhibition hall, stadium, construction sites, mines and other places of lighting required. LED high bay light with respect to the current mining lamps use more incandescent, halogen, high intensity discharge lamps or fluorescent lamps have many advantages, the traditional mining lamps, light which they use high pressure mercury lamp or a metal halide high-power was light and a halogen lamp, etc., mining lamps made of relatively bulky, power consumption, high maintenance costs, environmental pollution, lighting effects in color changes were unsatisfactory. The traditional mining lamp for general lighting is the use of lighting, including ordinary mercury lamps, metal halide, fluorescent lamps, general lighting is AC voltage, operating frequency under 50Hz light, the resulting strobe easily cause eye fatigue; problems exist filament preheating startup, can not achieve quick start; and some general mining lamps using liquid mercury (mercury) and other harmful gases, is not conducive to environmental protection and working conditions.also have the LED High Bay Light Modules.
That mining lamp factory, mine production work area for use in lamps. In addition to a variety of mining lamps lighting used in a typical environment, there is a special explosion-proof lamps used in the environment and anti-corrosion lamps, mining lamps used in some large-scale high-rise buildings.
LED mining lamp housing includes a thermally conductive heat sink and the PCB, heat sink and the PCB is located inside the housing of the thermal conductivity, PCB board is provided with LED, LED is provided with a lens, LED light out through the lens, LED light source or the use of an integrated package COB package source, astigmatism lampshade with aluminum die casting, diffusers which are coated with a reflective material, so that high-power integrated light lamp beads, ground illumination equalization. Fin radiator die cast aluminum alloy, the middle is a hollow cylindrical shape and is surrounded by 24 fin spacing is equal, seamless, integral with each other, both ends of a mounting fin heat sink and power supply diffusers mounting holes chamber. Power supply room for the aluminum hollow cylindrical, hollow cylindrical wall surrounding a uniform distribution of 12 hollow vents for the whole lamp body, provides a good convection structure, excellent heat dissipation in the rear chamber has the power cord into the AC input line hole.
LED high bay light application in the mining environment in general, this application scenario of LED high bay light dust and insulation are higher, there is a special explosion-proof lamps used in the environment and anti-corrosion lights. Mining lamp in accordance with the invention functions can be divided into general lighting and local lighting two categories: general lighting lamps are usually arranged uniformly on the work site above or the side walls, lighting the entire working area, you need to use high-power LED high bay light; partial lighting It is a way to improve a work site illumination lamps. The role of mining lamps is based on the strengthening of general lighting, supplemental lighting, it can be in some of the usual places of lighting is not required for temporary lighting.