30W 60W 90W 100W 120W 150W 180W 240W 300w Solar LED street lighting


The specification for 30W 60W 90W 100W 120W 150W 180W 240W 300w Solar LED street lighting:
Power Consumption:60W 90W 100W 120W 150W 180W 240W 300w
Luminous Flux:3000lm 6000lm 9000lm 10000lm 12000lm 15000lm 18000lm 240000lm
LED Quanity:24pcs 24pcs 24pcs 48pcs 72pcs 72pcs 96pcs 120pcs 144cs
Lamp Lumen:>8000lm
LED Quanity:48pcs
LED Brand:USA Bridgelux/ CREE
LED Lumen:130-140lm/w
Input Voltage:AC85-277V, 50-60Hz, DC24V/DC12V
Power Factor:>0.9
Beam Pattern: Rectangular Beam
Power Efficiency:>90%
control: wireless control
Driver: meanwell driver
Color Temperature:2700-6500K
Light Distribution Curve:Rectangular Beam
Light Beam Angle:Horizontal 145 degree, Vertical 60 degree
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD):<15%
Color Rendering Index:>70
Lamp Materials:Die-casting aluminum+Optical Lens
Lamp Lifetime:>50,000hours
IP Rating:IP65
Certification: BV, C-tick, CCC, CE, CQC, EMC, Energy Star, ETL, FCC, FDA, GOST, GS, LVD, PSE, REACH, RoHS, SAA, SASO, UL, VDE
Lamp Materials: Aluminum+ Tempered glass
Light Beam Angle: Horizontal Axis:120;Vertical Axis:60°
Net Weight: 6.5kg 5.5kg 5.5kg 6.5kg 7.5kg 7.5kg 9.5kg 9.5kg 13.5KG
Product Size:371*192*88mm 423*292*98mm 423*292*98mm 495*292*98mm 585*292*98mm 585*292*98mm 679*292*98mm 679*292*98mm ***
Package Size:371*192*88mm 475*370*160mm 475*370*160mm 585*395*135mm 680*395*135mm 680*395*135mm 765*395*135mm 765*395*135mm 863*292*98mm

Function of 30W 60W 90W 100W 120W 150W 180W 240W 300w Solar LED street lighting:
Intelligent control:1.Wireless control by computer or mobile.
Light on/off,dimming,point control or group of lamps control.
Failure Alarms:street lighting failure alarm.

Time phase control:Set up time-phase easily,and each time-phase with a different brightness,to save more power,reduce the waste of light,improve the lifetime of lamp.

Light control:Automatically turn on/off the lamp according to environment brightness.
Saving management cost.

Module design:Each model 24 pcs LEDs.
Entire die-casting aluminum structure.best heat dissipation.
Silver color,elegant appearance.

Dust proof&prevent standing water:
Special structure design,dustproof,and prevent standing water,no maintenance cost.
Linear design,absolutely high-end and atmosphere!

Waterproof:Integrated structure design,holes between mordels to lead flow of water,IP67.

Production technology:IP68 cable connectors,stable and reliable.
Separated power supply box,no cable exposure outside.

Optical design:The second light distribution design,more power saving.
Horizontal 145 degree,Vertical 60 degree.
Rectangular beam on road.

Adjustable ARM:
180 degree adjustable arm,suitable for any type of pole.
Die-casing aluminum materials,high hardness.
Dial design on arm,convenient for operation.

1. Features of 30W 60W 90W 100W 120W 150W 180W 240W 300w Solar LED street lighting:
1,led street light with aluminum cooling technology, perfect and efficient to solve the LED heat dissipation, greatly extend lamp life.
2,Avoid dust, water design, reducing the pressure to clean and maintain, suitable for outdoor environments.
3,prospective patented shape slim design for easy storage transport and maintenance.
4,Protection class up to IP65.
5,Case by paint and anodized, rugged corrosion resistant.
2,aluminum whole lamp cooling duct design innovation
Pressure cast aluminum heat sink and lamp shell integration, rugged, shock, radiator direct contact with the LED light source, an innovative modular set of optimized air duct fins effectively increase the cooling area with the whole lamp cooling technology perfectly solve the LED heat problem
3,Avoid dust, water design

led street light shell backlog dust free, free water design, ease of rain washed the dust is more conducive to heat, but also need to clean and maintain particularly suitable for outdoor environments

Solar LED street lighting3
structure size for Solar LED street lighting

30W 60W 90W 100W 120W 150W 180W 240W 300w Solar LED street lighting is widely used in trunk roads, highways, elevated roads, urban streets, bridges, sidewalks and other road lighting, and squares, schools, residential areas, industrial areas, parks and other places need outdoor lighting.
application for Solar LED street lighting